For people who are feeling the effects of aging...

but who aren't ready to get old!

Why Ah-sana?

With thousands of yoga studios and online classes available, why choose Ah-sana Yoga? Here's what I offer and why it just might be the right fit for you.

Live vs On-Demand Classes. There are countless online yoga studios that offer robust libraries of recorded classes available on-demand. What these classes do not offer is:

  • Individualized Instructions - Since I'm live with my students in every class, I can offer specific instructions and adjust what and how I'm teaching based on what I see students doing. A recorded class can't do that.
  • Accountability - For me, "anytime" equals "never"! If the class recordings are availble anytime, it's too easy for me to delay. I think, "I'll just finish this load of laundry, then I'll do a yoga class" but instead I usually get distracted and before I know it, the day is over and it's time for bed. When the class has a fixed start time, I put it on my calendar and I know I need to be there!
  • Small Classes - I limit the number of students in my classes to create a more intimate and personal experience.
  • Community - Since we meet over Zoom, many students sign in a few minutes early so we can chat before class. Instead of being an anonymous faceless participant, you become part of the Ah-sana Yoga community.

Experience. I have been teaching since 2006. After several years of teaching everything from kids yoga to power/fitness yoga to relaxing restorative classes, I finally discovered my niche - people who are feeling the effects of aging but who aren't ready to get old. Most (but not all) of my students are 45+ (the oldest is 96!) and come to yoga to feel better in their bodies, not to show off cool poses on social media.

Support. By keeping the community small, I can be responsive to my students' needs. Questions sent via email will receive a personal reply.

One Size Does NOT Fit All. I will never advertise a class as being "Suitable for all fitness levels". Why not?

  • Everyone's Body is Different - We come to yoga with bodies that are different sizes and shapes: tall, short, slender, curvy, old, young, and everywhere in between.
  • Everyone's Fitness Level is Different - A fast-paced class full of high-energy strength building poses would not be suitable for a middle-aged couch potato who's just getting started with yoga. Similarly, a slow-paced class with lots of clear instructions and plenty of time to move into and out of each pose would probably not suit an endurance athlete who's hoping to break a sweat and get a great workout.
  • Everyone's Needs are Different - Students new to yoga (regardless of their age) may need more instruction, a slower pace, and the opportunity to ask questions during class. More experienced students (again, regardless of their age or fitness level) usually need less guidance and are open to experimenting with unique variations on the poses.